Friday, October 06, 2006


Setting the Bar High

Some nut kills five Amish girls at an Amish school. Probably a sixth one will die today or tomorrow. It’s an utter tragedy. Even the Phelps morons can’t keep away.

People weep and wail and curse the killer, the world, and even God.

Then the light shines in a bit. A group of people start a fund to pay for the wounded girls’ medical bills. Contributions of $1 to $500,000 start rolling in. The good in humanity just can’t be held down.

But that’s the easy part. Leave it to the simple Amish to raise the bar up and throw Christ at problems.

The Amish have . . . embraced the family of the killer. The family has invited the killer’s widow and her young children to gather with them at the funerals and mourn. Understand, NO ONE is allowed at the funerals. There is a 2.5 mile air bubble for the services. The Amish, almost exclusively private, embrace the people that need them most, even in their time of sorrow. And it was one of the little girls’ MOTHER who made the invitation personally in love.

Now, feel bad, yet. Wait for it if not. The Amish have INSISTED that there be a fund setup FOR THE KILLER’S WIFE AND KIDS. The seem to have a much better grasp on humanity than anyone.

Giving money for some poor kids shot by a maniac is kinda’ easy. Giving money to that killer’s widow and kids, eh, that’s a lot harder. It’s A LOT tougher setting up the fund, I’d imagine. Now, think about doing that if it were your kids who were killed.

The Amish did it. Could we who claim to be Christians as well do it?

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